Korean Course for Study Abroad

Tuition Fee: Basic Korean language course – 6,000,000 VND/2 month Purpose To help students reach a basic communication level, and easily pass the interview round at the Korean Embassy, ​​Global DS provides an accelerated basic Korean language course. Information – Course: Korean conversational language – Time: 72 hours – Textbook: Communicative Korean was written by […]

TOPIK training course

The course focuses on skill-based exam preparation with a team of experienced teachers and effective exam preparation materials. DS focuses on students who want to take the TOPIK II exam. After completing the course, students are committed to achieving at least TOPIK 4.

General Korean Course

Level: – Beginner 1 – Beginner 2 – Intermediate 1 – Intermediate 2 Purpose: General Korean course for students who want to learn Korean methodically with all 4 skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. The textbook used is a set of multicultural Korean language learning textbooks for foreigners of the National Institute of Korean Language. […]

Communication Course

Information The course consists of 24 lessons Book: an exclusive textbook from DS, the content revolves around everyday communication topics such as greetings, eating, living, traveling, etc. Purpose The content of the lectures focuses on the dharma from the level of level to the middle level 1, resulting in the learning texturization. The teaching method […]