1. General Process

Choose University, MajorStudy KoreanPreparing Documents
Demonstrate financialVisaFinancial proofing


To study abroad at the desired time, candidates need to find out information about study time, application and procedures, costs, and requirements for each study program of the school.

When choosing a university, you should carefully research information through different channels before making a decision.

(For example: Read articles related to university names on the web, university brochures, articles about the international student community’s study abroad experience …)

Depending on the school, there will be different study programs, so candidates should find out information about the school they want to study at before applying.

The application deadline for the spring semester (March admission) is from September to November, and the application deadline for the fall semester (September admission) is mainly from May to June. Application deadlines will vary from school to school, so applicants should check before the application deadline via each school’s homepage.