In recent years, Vietnam has become a country receiving large-scale investment from Korea. Job opportunities for Korean companies in Vietnam are also increasing. Naturally, Korean also became one of the most studied languages. In the face of fierce job competition, work skills are very important. Global DS has designed a completely new program to help train and improve the working skills of young Vietnamese people. The program will focus on highly applicable skills in Korean companies.

Candidate Target

– Male/female graduated from university, currently residing in Vietnam.

– Fluent in Korean (TOPIK 5 and above)


Korean entrepreneurs (former students of the GYBM program of Daewoosky Academy) have experience in professional fields such as accounting/audit, human resource management, quality control, F&B, etc. large groups.


Duration: 48 hours (weekend class)

– Training content:

· Korean communication skills with superiors

· Reporting skills

· Report writing skills

· Presentation skills

· Korean corporate culture

· Problem-solving skills