VYBM is an educational program founded by a team of Korean and Vietnamese education experts, who have many years of experience in the field of education and international human resource supply. In the context that Korea is investing more and more in Vietnam, leading to increased job opportunities, we hope to become a leading program in the field of training and developing professional skills to the highest level. internationalization for young Vietnamese people, so standing in the ranks of Korean companies’ personnel is no longer a dream out of reach.

Specific Features


Young people from 22 years old and above who want to train and work at Korean companies in Vietnam or Korea (No Korean language required).

Training Program

Duration: 6 months (weekend study)

Stage I. Global Qualities

– Beginner, intermediate, and advanced Korean

– Commercial English

Stage II. Background qualities

– Vision and personality

– Self-management and goal setting

Stage III. Professional qualities

– Develop plans and strategies

– Business mechanism of enterprises