After receiving the admission notice, the applicants must prepare all the documents and submit them to the Korean Embassy or Consulate in the host country to receive the Visa. Depending on the type of study and work at a Korean school (Long-term study, language learning, cultural experience, etc.), the type of Visa granted will be different. Applicants who enter as regular admission will receive a D-2 Visa; Candidates who study in the non-formal system (learning Korean, learning foreign languages) will receive a D-4 Visa. To speed up the process of receiving a Visa from the Korean government, except for special cases, before applying for a Visa, foreigners must obtain a “certificate of Visa application”.


In the process of enrollment to study in Korea, many universities in Korea require the average score of each year to be above average, not weak or poor. The average score is good or higher (from 6.0 or higher), and in the age group of 18-20, you will be given preferential treatment in choosing the right school, processing time for applications, and waiting for invitations.



Procedure to apply for a Korean student visa

Steps to complete the Korean student visa application

Step 1: Notarized translation of Korean study documents

For any individual who wants to go on a business trip, study abroad, travel, settle down, etc., they must have full legal papers. In the Korean student visa application set of international students, there must be full notarized translations:

Step 2: Legalization at the Consular Department – ​​Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Korean students must apply for stamps and legalization stamps of the following documents at the Consular Department – Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Address: No. 40 Tran Phu, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi.

Step 3: Legalize documents at Consular Department – Korean Embassy

When the documents have been legalized at the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You proceed to the Consular Department of the Korean Embassy in Vietnam to get the appointment number. Then apply including:

Address: Lot SQ4 Diplomatic Corps Area, Do Nhuan, Xuan Tao, Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam

Required documents for consular legalization at the Korean Embassy:

In case of household registration (parents, wife, husband, children) need:

Have the originals of all the above documents for comparison

Step 4: Submit your application and receive an invitation letter from the school

The waiting time for the invitation letter from the school to be sent is normally about 1 – 4 weeks. However, due to a large number of applications, the time will take about 3-6 weeks. Invitations will be sent by post or by mail depending on the regulations of each school. But basically, the invitation letter will have the following information:


You should also note that currently, state agencies have also discovered that a line of fake diplomas to study in Korea has been present in Vietnam. Be careful with your steps!

And when you have an invitation letter from a university in Korea, you will have to pay a tuition fee in advance depending on the specified school. It is considered your consent to the university in Korea. The school will then send you a confirmation of admission via email or post. And you will use that confirmation to apply for a Korean student visa at the Embassy.

Step 5: Apply for a Korean student visa

Once you have a confirmation of admission from a Korean university, you will go to the Embassy and fill in the visa application form to apply for an appointment to apply for a Korean student visa to the Embassy. The waiting time is about 01 month to submit the Korean study visa application for the Embassy to consider.

Step 6: Visa interview at the Embassy

After reviewing, if the application meets the requirements, the student will be notified of a specific interview schedule. On the day of the interview, before entering you will be filled out a sheet of paper. There are some basic questions: What do your parents do? What is your purpose for studying in Korea? What is your study plan? Do you want to settle in Korea? You will then enter one of the rooms for an interview at the Embassy.

After completing all procedures to apply for a Korean student visa, the path to study abroad is open to you. However, to make sure to quickly catch up on the first lesson. In a foreign country, you need to quickly book an early flight ticket, and prepare goods. Besides, they also find a place to live and the life, customs, and habits of people here.

Fee for completing procedures for applying for a Korean student visa

Note: Fees are charged in US Dollars only. In cases of refusal, the Embassy only returns the passport. Original documents, diplomas, transcripts, and original passbook, no return of documents and fees paid.

Visa processing time

Visa processing time is within 5 working days if the documents are not problematic. Regulations apply to all types of visas, except for visa traces, self-sufficient study abroad, and work. In cases where additional documents or interviews are required, the visa issuance time may be longer. Results will be announced after review. Those applications that have been rejected will be returned to their passports within 7 days from the date of notification of results.